ATTN: Important Message To All Investors

Big Opportunity For a Small Group



IRA’s, CDF’s, ETF’s, PPLI’s… they all have two things in common.


First, we don’t really know what they are, most investors barely know what they mean!

Secondly, they all offer screeching low returns.


You ever wonder what banks do with your capital in order to afford to pay you interest, I mean, they must be making money in order to offer you that measly < 1% return a year.


Banks themselves are tapping into the biggest money flow in the history of the planet, the forex markets… and they’re making money hand over fist investing your own money… problem is, you’re getting the short end of the deal.



How A Money Manager Can Help You Get Better Returns In The Next 12 Months Than A Bank In The Past 12 Years

My name is Marcos Martins and I’m a Forex money manager.


Being an entrepreneur for over a decade and always being disappointed with my previous investments handled by a financial manager at the bank, I decided to take matters into my own hands and dedicate myself completely to trading the forex markets in an attempt to find a better investment to park my savings.


Being that 98% of people lose money in the financial markets it’s needless to say it took me a few tries to even begin to produce a slight profit.

… and then it hit me!


Human nature and a constant battle for Fear and Greed makes manual trading an emotionally tiring task, that’s why the biggest financial institutions in the world use mathematical models and super computers to manage all their trades.



The next few months were a complete nightmare…


I hired 4 super talented computer programmers and leveraged my entrepreneurial connections to get in touch with some of the best forex traders in the world to build out a computer system, very similar to what the big investment banks use, that would manage my trading account using those same highly profitable patterns but this time without emotion getting in the way.

For the sake of not putting you to sleep with all the technical details and months completely dedicated into making this system an all around money printing machine, let me just skip ahead and show you the results.



Before we continue let me just be crystal clear with you…

This opportunity is EXTREMELY limited:


I’m only accepting 20 serious investors…

You must apply and may be declined to enter…

Must have a minimum of $10,000 to invest…

Must understand as in everything in life there are no guarantees and there is a real possibility of losing part of the principal.


OK now that we thinned the group, here’s how it works.


  • Open an account with my recommended brokerage firm
  • Verify your account and deposit funds
  • Sign a document to allow me to manage your trading account
  • You’re done!


Now you’re automatically enrolled in my system and every trade I take is instantly replicated in your account adjusted to your account size.


Profits will be added instantly when a trade is closed… that means you will enjoy revenue from your investment every week.


What will this cost?

We offer a 40/60 profit split that’s automatically processed by the brokerage firm, so you get to keep 60% of all the money I make you every week. Also there are ZERO setup fees, so you can apply to join at no cost.


What returns to expect?

You can expect a MINUMUM return of 1-5% on your account every week.


You can quit at any time without any penalties and have constant 24/7 access to your account and funds at all times.


OK now look, I don’t expect you to be ready to invest your money right away, that’s why I created a brand new account running my system and I’m giving you access to this account so you can watch it and keep track of how fast it grows.




Also I’m making myself available to you so feel free to contact me and pose any questions.

You can reach me directly via Skype: therazor5 or email:

– Marcos Martins

P.S. I honestly can’t wait to meet all 20 of you and start a very profitable and long partnership.