Money Manager 2

This Is A Private Invitation ONLY Letter. If you’re seeing this you’ve been invited to take part of a Big opportunity for a very small group of vip investors.

“You could make 5% on your money by this time tomorrow.”


The Biggest Financial Institutions In The Planet Are Manipulating Trillions Of Dollars Everyday In The Forex Markets… My System Identifies These Patterns And Copy Them Automatically – Allowing Your Investments Unheard Returns

Next time a bank manager calls you offering investment applications, for your financial well being i want you to do this… hang up the phone!

It’s ridiculous how banks are taking your money, turning around and using it to manipulate the financial markets, making double digit returns and paying you an insulting 1% or less interest per year.

The big hedge funds that will only take you in if you can invest upwards of $10 Million will take care of you a little better, the best in the world will offer you dynamic returns of 8-20% a year but after all the fees you might lose enthusiasm with the actual liquid returns.

So what allows these big institutions to extract billions of dollars from the markets? Automation.

All trades are actually operated by super computers running on mathematical formulas… Analysts take a secondary role of oversight.

The reason they do this is two fold:

1. Human emotions of  fear and greed are the main reasons why people lose money in the markets. Allowing their losing trades to run hoping they will get back into the profit zone and not locking profits in their good trades expecting the position to keep growing indefinitely.

2. Computers can analyse better and faster than any human can, this becomes required when there are over 200 currency pairs to trade in the forex markets. Also it’s indispensable to control price action by buying and selling massive quantities of a currency in order to move prices to key strategic areas. Make no mistake, they control prices, the retail trader is only ever profitable if he understands these patterns and can jump into the stream of these big moves.


I’ve been personally getting returns of 5-20% every month from trading the forex markets and the only reason I’ve been able to do this is because I’ve identified some of the hidden patterns that force prices to move in a very predictable way… and I’ve created software to help me identify and jump into these trades before most people even notice them.

I’ll share with you more about my system and some of the jaw-dropping returns it’s been able to generate, but first let me tell you about how this all came to be.

2 years ago I stumbled upon a very basic pattern that nobody would even give a second look.

After exhaustively trading that same pattern everyday for a week it become pretty clear it was not a fluke – close to 90% of my trades were profitable. Small returns on each trade very quickly added up to a nice sum in a system that was essentially risk free.

I discovered a price correlation in GOLD and SILVER that allowed me to trade 2-3x per day whenever the relative price movement got out of harmony. This close relationship between those two commodities made it so the more volatile price of silver always accompanied the overall movement of gold and I was able to buy or short sell this discrepancy for a few thousand dollars a day worth of profits.

This was a very rudimentary system but it worked… and since then my attention has been turned into identifying more of these hidden patterns that work with an extremely high success rate.


After 6 months of 12 hour days trading the markets, virtually no sleep and thousands of dollars worth of seminars and training from industry leading experts…

I had a system based on 5 different trading strategies that delivered consistent monthly returns of 5-20%

Seeing the potential of the system completely changed the direction I was moving in my entrepreneurial life and I knew there were only 2 ways to take full advantage of this massive opportunity I had uncovered:

First, I would need software to automate part of the system, simply because its not humanly possible to spend 24H a day glued to a computer screen much less track price movement and scan for patterns across 200 currency pairs.

Secondly, I would need capital. Trading my own money was too slow and it would be a giant loss not just for me financially but for all the other people that could mutually benefit from joining me in this investment and profit even more than me… more on that in a second.

4 Computer Programmers and a few gallons of redbull later…

The system was finally automated and ready to take on the markets. I’ve spent a few more months backtesting and running it on live markets until each of the 5 strategies was as profitable as it could be before even showing this to even my closest friends.

Right now you can verify it’s performance LIVE and see for yourself how much profit its generating every day and how its managing even its losing trades and completely recovering any losses in a matter of a couple of days.


Even thought the system automatically works fantastic I’m still managing the account and making sure the trades that are being placed were not done so by error, this guarantees the integrity and stability of your investment.

– 70% winning trades

– 0.3% daily returns… > 6% monthly gains

– Risking only 1% of the capital per trade registered wins of over 4% gains

Essentially with a $10,000 investment you could expect $500-600 in gains every month, you could choose to take the profit out or let them roll into next month and compound into even bigger returns.

I’ve been investing in the markets for a long time and never have i seen such a powerful system producing such returns regardless of market conditions.

So let me ask you this, where are you investing your money to create wealth, and does it even come close to this?

Dear investor, my name is Marcos Martins and I’m a 23 year old entrepreneur.

I’ve been launching ventures online for the past 8 years. All of them had one thing in common. They were all successful. Not because it was the best business in the world but because Im completely dedicated into the vision me and my partners are setting out to achieve and there are no excuses not to hit our goals.

I’m writing this letter to you today with one purpose.

To inform you there are bigger and better investments out there where you can let your money grow completely passively.


What I’m offering to a very exclusive group of investors is the opportunity to apply to join in the ground floor of an amazing system that trades the Forex markets with an average expected return of 5% a month.

This system is a managed account by me assisted by an ever upgrading army of computer artificial intelligence traders… this has consistently been producing a win/loss ratio of 70% positive trades.

The deal I’m proposing is very clear – 60/40 profit split. Meaning I only get paid on performance, no hidden fees. You keep 60% of all the money generated.

You can withdraw your money at any time without any penalties on your principal.

I see this as the most fair deal anyone could ever offer you. Contrary to all the other hedge funds out there we do not charge any fees whatsoever, we only take a performance fee. This way you can rest assured we will not waste any opportunity to make you money unlike other institutions that are heavily compensated by simply sitting on your money all year.


If your application is accepted the first step is for you to open a trading account with one of our recommended brokers and sign a document giving me permission to manage your account. I will not be able to withdraw or transfer your money, my account manager privileges will only allow me to place trades on your behalf, so your money is always secure.

Stage 1: $10,000 minimum deposit to join in. In 30 days you will receive your first account statement with the first trench of profits. You are allowed to withdraw your gains or leave them in the trading account for further compounding growth.

Stage 2: Serious investors who are satisfied with the results will be given the chance to invest up to a maximum of $350,000.

Now for the brutal honesty… you will make more money with me in the next 12 months than your bank paid you in interest for the past 12 years.

This is completely free – no costs to get started or hidden fees. Your money doesn’t even get locked for an entire year.

There are no demands on your time or attention – I’m your money manager and take care of all the day to day operations, you just collect your monthly profits.

No complications – once your account is setup with the broker the will take care of everything… making sure you receive your returns and automatically paying my commission. You keep 60% of all the money.

You have access to me via scheduled calls so you can stay on top of what is happening, but honestly you’ll much rather have me out there making you money.


    Our investing strategy is substantially different from other institutions. We trade exclusively the forex markets with a combination of swing trading and trend trading, which means most of our positions are held between 2-5 days. We rely mainly on technical analysis of the price action to forecast price movement and use major fundamental analysis to confirm every position.


First I want you to click the link bellow and submit your application. I will ask you all sorts of questions to be able to determine if this is the right kind of investment for you.

This application will come to my office and one of two things will happen.

One, I decide we’re not a good match and I’ll let you know politely. Or two, I’ll decide we MIGHT be able to work together and someone from my office will contact you to schedule a call with me personally.

Nobody will pressure you or harass you to join. If you want in, GREAT. If not, no problem. We’re cool either way and who knows, we might find the right investment opportunity for you later on.

I will only be taking in 20 people to be part of this exclusive group and applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis. Most likely I won’t be taking on any further clients because all my focus will go into working very closely with the first 20 and giving them the opportunity to max out their investment account.

So here’s your first step:


– Marcos