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Brian G. Johnson

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On September 26, 2012
Last modified:October 2, 2012


Kindle Ritual will publish your books faster and get them more exposure than anything else, PERIOD. If you want to explode your ebook sales, you want to get your hands on this software. >> Continue reading...

Instantly Become a Kindle Store Power Seller

Kindle Ritual can “hack” your ebook sales through the roof. Read how…








This little piece of software is spectacular… if you’ve gone through the process of publishing (submitting) your ebook to the amazon kindle store you know it can be a tedious process and there is a lot of optimization to do.

Most people overlook the small changes that have the most impact in your book sales. This little tool optimizes everything for you, guaranteeing more avid Kindle users will see your book.


Ok so what does Kindle Ritual actually do?

  • Allows you to design an attention grabbing eBook cover with only a few clicks

  • Streamlines the process of publishing your book and optimizes your kindle store rankings

  • Automatically creates a blog to promote your new ebook to generate more sales and buzz


Is it really that good?

I don’t know. Kindle Ritual is a brand new software and nobody got their hands on it yet but it looks very promising.
Bottom line is, if you’re running (or planning to) a kindle publishing business, that is very easy to setup and is 100% automated, you owe it to yourself to test it out as any serious business owner would.


Worst case scenario: you submit a new book to the Amazon kindle store using Kindle Ritual and it fails, you get kinda bummed about it but at the end of the day you’re still making an extra sale or 2 per day… which means an extra odd $400 free dollars in your pocket every month.


The Secret To Success

As I’m sure you have realized, the secret to success in this business model is VOLUME.

You owe it to yourself to always try to increase your results, so when you release your next kindle book make sure to use this ninja software to reach a wider audience and collect some more of that green paper.


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What is Kindle Ritual All About:


1.    All in One Kindle Publishing & Promotion Software Solution
Kindle Ritual simplifies and streamlines publishing ebooks for the Amazon Kindle via our first of its kind WordPress theme. This software handles formatting, cover image creation, various templates and lots more. The Kindle Ritual theme also makes it possible to quickly and easily launch an “author or book sales” website that leverages various Amazon API’s to pull in content such as, book images, reviews, various graphics such as Amazon bestselling author, available on Amazon and much more.

2.    Video Tutorials / PDF’s – Book Sales Training
Over the last year I have researched, tested and tweaked various strategies to drive sales and earnings via Kindle ebooks. This includes leveraging social media sites such as Facebook (fanpage with 8,000+ 9,400+ rabid fans), email marketing and list building, a unique spin on Google SEO and more. I have also devised a system that allows anyone willing to take action to create a high quality ebook quickly and easily – with no need to write. Thus training will cover both of these topics (how to easily create a book, driving sales).

Kindle Ritual takes all the hard work out of publishing, saves users massive amounts of time and money (no need to outsource book covers) while also promoting books via the Kindle author site.

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