Review Sites That Make Big Money

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Listen, if you think you need to somehow be or make yourself to be a “big shot” just so other people value your opinion then just STOP. You got it all wrong.

The number one reason people search for information about a product online i.g. product name review – is because…

They Want To Know:

  • What is it (really) all about

  • Can it really help me (proof)

  • What is the best way to use it

Ok so that’s really all you need to tell them. If you’re upfront about everything and come from a place of good-will then your audience will trust you and be thankful… maybe even buy the product on your recommendation so you get that affiliate money.

 What is it?

What is the product offering and how can it solve their problems… be as specific and redundant as possible.

Reporting Proof

Reporting as in… you’re a reporter (education based marketing).

It does’t have to be your personal results with the product or service, you can just talk about how people are using those strategies in real life to get great results… or you could tell them about other customers testimonials/stories.

Take Them By The Hand

This is where you tell them about specific applications (real life examples) of THE THING in their business/lives… really, think about some ways in which it would have some profound impact in their lives and tell them exactly that… again, specificity is a must.

The Veredict

If you follow this simple formula by the end of the “product review” you will have achieved a good level of rapport with the reader and he will be more inclined to place more weight on your final recommendation… this is where you tell them what to do nextbuy my shit!


You can also model the review formula from forum, it’s pretty awesome:

Recommended things to be included:

  1. The Module/session/week number that you are reviewing
    1. (depending on how the program is divided)
    2. Should be at the beginning of your review.
  2. Why you took/participated in this course?
    1. And, what’s your goals behind taking the course?
    2. (in the first post only, no need to repeat it)
  3. What do you expect from this particular session?
  4. General rating for that specific module/week
  5. Content of the review:
    1. Things that you’ve learned from it
    2. An experience you have similar to what is been included, or a story that can support or refute what has been mentioned in the module.
    3. Ideas, thoughts, headlines for the major topics covered in this section or rehashing the content by your own way, or writing down what you’ve learnt.
    4. Did it work for you?
  • What you’ve learnt from a specific module/course as a whole.
  • Similar or better courses that you recommend which teach the same things and/or talk about the same field.
  • Thoughts and stories about concepts mentioned in the course that either confirm them or refute them.
  • Answering other member’s questions might also be way better than even making a review that might not help any.
  • We are NOT here to criticize and review the reviewer! BUT, there is NOTHING wrong with saying something like:
    • I took something completely different from what the Author was saying on that and ‘I’ think…
    • My training and experience in that field has helped me to understand and appreciate such and point of…


- Razor

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  1. Highly descriptive article, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

  2. jordan sho says:

    Thanks Mark!! You just ROCKED my day

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