Webinar Wealth Tsunami Review

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On June 13, 2012
Last modified:September 27, 2012


Webinars are the best way to turn visitors into money right now. Learn how you can start using them in your business...

Nothing Turns Visitors Into Money

Like This…


YES! The rumors are true…


Webinars Are The Hottest, Highest Converting Form of Marketing Right Now. PERIOD!


I’ve personally seen these relatively small (100 people or so) webinars done by people who sounded like they really needed some charisma lessons do fabulously well.


Not just pennies either OK, we’re talking big ticket sales converting at upwards of 40%.


Anthony La Rocca is a ninja at doing these webinars, he’s been doing the webinar circuit – as we call it – for quite some time and you sure do pick up some tricks along the way when you’re doing something for such a long day, day in and day out.


Basically he wants to give you…


The Secrets Behind A 42% Conversion Rate Promotion Revealed


Now… imagine being able to get 40% of your attendees to give you their credit cards ON THE SPOT for real expensive products, we’re talking about $700 and up sales here… converting at high double figures INSTANTANEOUSLY.


Here’s the best part… when you have a winning pitch (webinar) you can just funnel more *fresh* traffic into it and show them the replay – again, Anthony will show you how to do this like a boss.


Free Monies Forever?!


That’s what it sounds like to me at least.




How the heck are you going to get the traffic to:


1. Fill in the live webinar seats

2. Keep getting people to the webinar replay afterwards


If you don’t have a traffic generation strategy in place to get you 100 or 200 new leads (optins) to your business then you’re into a world of pain.


It’s like having a million dollars sitting in your bank account and all the banks being closed and the ATMs all out of money.


I personally follow the BTF system to get me traffic – its simple, its scalable and more importantly it bloody works like a champ.


So here’s the point…


If you want a never-ending influx of fresh visitors and leads to your business automatically converting into fat checks for you.. here’s the 2 steps you want to do right now:


1. Get Webinar Wealth Tsunami (this will get you paid)

2. Get Bring The Fresh 2012 – for $7 today (this will get you the traffic to have a raving crowd at every one of your webinars)


Click here for my in-depth review of Bring The Fresh


Let’s make some money and get paid.



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